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Megadata Web
Big data aggregation, analytics, visualizations and knowledge harvesting is a well-known problem and big data is currently being stored on clouds and processed on super computers with burdensome resources (RAM memory, storage space, and processing power).

We invented and fully implemented new Web technology that allows us to process big data on a regular laptop, tablet, or phone inside a Browser based on the user’s needs – not the application’s limitations. This technology has no analogs that currently exist in the world today.

To achieve this power of web applications, we found a way to process millions of records extremely fast and without any server support. As a result, our technology accelerates the Web application, reduces network bandwidth requirements, and distributes the server load to thousands and millions of users' computers.

Our technology is based on current, standard web technologies: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. No new hardware, programming languages, plugins, nor are any other resources required.

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Some Definitions
  • User is defined as the individual who uses the web application.
  • Client is part of the application program and located in the Browser on the user’s computer. The Client is getting the data for the user from the Server, a computer that stores data and processes this data.
  • Bandwidth is the speed of data delivery in the network between the Client and Server.
  • Offline data processing is the ability of the client to work inside the Browser without Server support and even without a connection to the Internet (network).
  • Big data (or Megadata) is a term used to describe an overwhelming amount of data (tables with millions of records) - the most popular phrase in the US for the past few years.
  • Responsive Design is web application implementation that can run on both mobile devices and stationary web devices (regular computers)
What Everybody Does
Currently, many popular program libraries were created for simplifying and accelerating the development process of applications. These libraries were not geared towards processing big data efficiently. This is why most web applications become slow, complicated, and require permanent server support.

Now every web user has a powerful, multi-processor computer but big data web business applications do not use these free and endless resources because popular web technologies have four major restrictions:
  • Slow delivery of large amounts of data (Extremely critical for mobile devices with lower Bandwidth).
  • Client side performance limitations (Browser can process less data and is much slower than the Server).
  • User computer memory restrictions.
  • The Client’s inability to process data inside the Browser offline.
What We Do
We found a way to resolve all these problems by developing the following improvements:
  • Developed compact data representation for faster data delivery.
  • Quantum leap performance of data processing (We can sort 1,000,000 records in one second).
  • Developed an advanced compact data format to avoid memory restrictions even for mobile devices.
  • Found a way for endless data processing offline.
In short, we created an advanced data processing engine with an emphasis on simplicity, usability, performance, and maximum functionality without the problems inherent with other solutions.
More Details
Our technology provides a business application with all the necessary features and intuitive controls for processing big data. It is customizable, straightforward, transparent, light, and intuitive. For “desktop” web users, we benefit them with even more processing power for having a computer with a bigger monitor, more RAM, and a faster processor.

Most business applications process big data on servers. We can shift this to the client instead of delegating it to an overloaded server. Thousands of user computers can simultaneously simplify and accelerate the whole application and hence, not rely on the number of server processors available to the users.

Our technology is compatible with all standard browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) and can be integrated easily and seamlessly into any existing web application.

It is fully implemented, debugged, and being installed on a variety of Internet client/server applications.
Who Does This Benefit?
Corporate IT/MIS/DBA support groups, web application developers (in-house and OEM), and knowledge workers - analysts, engineers, scientists, planners, managers, salespeople, researchers, teachers, students, etc. – for whom the ability to access data quickly, directly relates to their productivity for marketing optimization, portfolio and risk analysis, software analytics, operational intelligence, fraud prevention, etc…

Megadata Web is a powerful addition for all web-based big data analytics platforms and for all types of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
Why Is This Important?
According to the analyst firm Gartner, distributed off-line client processing is the future of the Internet.

By transferring the data processing overhead from the server to the client, the user’s ability to view and freely process information is significantly enhanced while simultaneously increasing Internet access and server throughput.
How Fast Is Fast?
By eliminating navigation across multiple screens, Megadata Web significantly boosts the responsiveness of the application being used. The average execution time for Megadata Web sorting in different browsers (not IE*) for 1,000,000 records is 1 second!

Technology has dramatically increased, by up to 10,000 times, the amount of data/information that can be delivered onto just a single Web page.

Through the use of our unique data-compacting methods, users will never again see the ubiquitous, unproductive query response: "first 20 of 4,732 records" on their Web browsers.

Megadata Web reduces, by up to 98%, the redundant and unnecessary network traffic associated with current database querying methods.

This translates into increased network capacity for future expansion, and lower maintenance and MSP expenses.
When Will It Be Available?
Megadata Web is fully implemented, debugged, and being tested on a variety of Internet client/server applications.

It is easy to implement:

  • Compatible and interoperable with all standard browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera)
  • Integrates seamlessly with 3rd party server databases, middleware platforms, Operating Systems and technologies (e.g., .NET, PHP, Java, Node.js…).
  • Requires no additional client-side software or plug-ins
Please watch some Megadata Web demos:
  • February 24, 2017: Megadata Web makes quantum leap forward for fast and secure computer data processing and analysis. » Read more
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